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The attorneys at Penglase & Benson, Inc., are fully dedicated to giving you our personal attention. We understand you are calling our firm while facing a very difficult and unique situation. Whether you are working through a personal injury claim, a divorce or a criminal charge, we are dedicated to educating you so that you can make informed decisions regarding your legal need.

After an initial consultation, we carefully guide you to the best results possible while maintaining a consistent and straightforward level of contact. We make it our goal to have you feel comfortable and ready to face any potential outcome. Our firm features six attorneys who come from a variety of legal backgrounds such as former prosecutors and educators at our local college and law school. Each of our team members come from working class families who understand the importance of preserving everything you have worked for. Our firm is proudly based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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What Is Stonewalling and How Should I respond?

Insurance companies don't like paying on claims. Its bad business. Instead, some compaines will try to drag the claims process out, hoping that you will go away. In this article Bucks County Pennsylva...

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