Common Uses for a Business Attorney in Doylestown PA

October 12, 2017 / 8:00 pm

I hope you have a good lawyer.”

Those are usually pretty ominous words. But when you own a business, those are words to live by. It’s not that you’re automatically in danger of litigation, but that you need someone to handle a number of different jobs.

Think of your business lawyer like a Swiss Army Knife, able to tackle any number of jobs. Here are some common reasons you might need to hire a business attorney in Doylestown.

1. Partnership agreements

In a perfect world, you’d be able to finalize a partnership with a handshake. But in reality, you need to have things in writing.

Whether you’re creating a partnership agreement or an operating agreement (which is what’s involved in forming an LLC), it’s good practice to have a business attorney involved to ensure that everyone’s rights and obligations are clearly defined.

2. Contracts

A business attorney can help you with a wide range of contract types, from employment and freelancer contracts to intellectual property agreements: trademarks, copyrights or even patents.

3. Taxes and employment

Can we use this as a tax write off? Your attorney can help answer that question, and advise you on the tax advantages of the moves you make. Your attorney may also be able to offer guidance on the rules governing employees vs. independent contractors.

4. Fees and documents

This won’t be the most dramatic part of their job, but when you hire a business attorney in Doylestown, you’re hiring someone who can help you keep track of legal documents, file annual fees, and act as your registered agent on file in the event of any legal issues.

5. Terms and conditions and privacy policies

You may not pay attention to this kind of thing in your personal life, but you’ll be glad to have a lawyer who does if you’re doing business online. The terms and conditions dictate the rules for using your website, while the privacy policy tells custumers how their personal information will be used.

6. Social media

The rise of social media has birthed a multitude of different legal issues you may need to contend with. If you have a website that allows people to post their own content, you need to be sure they aren’t sharing copyrighted material.

If you’re running a contest on social media, you need to make sure you understand the rules, and give the proper instructions. And you need to keep an eye on what your employees are doing during work hours. If they post a false statement about a competitor, your business may be held liable.

7. Litigation

It’s not a pleasant thought, but you might find yourself the target of litigation filed by an irate customer or vendor. A business lawyer can help you decide whether you should settle or fight the suit, and may even be able to convince the other party to drop their litigation.

Are you looking for a business attorney in Doylestown? The team at Penglase and Benson can assist you with drafting and negotiating contracts, handling litigation or even advise you if you ever decide to sell your company.

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