How to Stop an Eviction Today Using Bankruptcy's Automatic Stay

March 30, 2021 / 7:30 am


As of today the Federal moratorium on Evictions which have kept so millions of people in their homes and apartments during the pandemic is about to end. The most recent stimulus bill did not extend the moratorium but instead gave people a little money to apply towards rent. That means that landlords are about to take massive action. They have been waiting for a year to evict tenants and foreclose on homes. Since most people won't receive enough government assistance to bring their bills current there will likely be a massive wave of homelessness.

Do you stay awake each night worried about your finances? Are you scared to tell your loved one that their about to lose the roof over their head? Do you avoid phone calls as you are afraid that it is another debt collector? It doesn't have to be that way! Filing for bankruptcy will stop the process but you have to act fast. When you file for bankruptcy a federal stay is placed on all collection activities. A creditor, including a landlord or mortgage company cannot take any further action until the bankruptcy court reviews the matter. If the bankruptcy is approved most of your debt can be wiped away or restructured. But here's the catch, you have to file before the judgment. Once the landlord or mortgage company have a judgment, the bankruptcy court can't keep you in your home. The stay only applies to collection activities and eviction is not a collection activity. Come April 1st a lot of creditors are going to start closing in. If they are, file for bankruptcy before it's too late.

What other debt can be discharged in bankruptcy?

Credit card debt Medical bills Lawsuit judgments Obligations under leases Obligations under contract Personal loans Promissory notes. Help can be just a few days away.

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