The Benefits of Mediation in Your PA Divorce Case

September 27, 2016 / 12:00 am

In many cases, a divorce can be a cantankerous and highly contested proceeding. Combine personal egos with concerns about the two parties’ assets and the questions about custody of the children and you have two people in a difficult position.

Many couples tend towards a resolution that is more contentious than necessary and that involves fairly expensive attorneys. Obviously, the decision to pursue such a precipitous strategy may not really behoove anyone involved other than the lawyers.

A more reasoned approach – that is, one that involves mediation – may instead be the best course of action. Here are a few reasons why mediation can help you get through your PA divorce case.

It is less stressful

Difficult conversations are par for the course when it comes to divorce negotiations, even if the two parties are relatively well-disposed towards each other. A mediator can make these conversations more productive – simply by his presence – by dispensing with any animosity that happens to rear its ugly head. In short, a mediator fairly ensures that cooler heads will prevail as any angry outbursts by either party will be construed as counterproductive.

It spares the children

Children experience a high level of stress no matter how a divorce plays out. It is incumbent upon the parents to alleviate this stress as much as possible. Without a doubt, mediators provide a more consistent and soothing environment for children when they are called to attend a divorce proceeding. Mediation can also help parents develop the skills needed to communicate and work together as co-parents. It is not a trivial consideration.

Greater control

In a traditional divorce settlement, the adjudicating judge has an enormous amount of say in how the final settlement will play out – even if both parties are unsatisfied with the outcome. In mediation, however, the two parties can accommodate each other in any number of ways. Both parties have control over the outcome of a mediated divorce and can usually reach a much better settlement than one imposed by an outside party no matter how impartial.

It costs less

Let us make no bones about it, much of the wrangling that goes on in a divorce proceeding is about the money. Lawyers can easily charge up to one-third of a household’s assets in a full-fledged divorce proceeding. With a little consideration, he parties involved should realize that a mediated settlement is both more cost-effective – read that as cheaper – and less time consuming. In short, both spouses obtain more in the end and in a timelier manner. It is a win-win situation.

As you can see, there are numerous things to be considered when entering a divorce proceeding. Feelings aside, much can be accomplished with help of a mediator. Money can be saved, the children can be protected and your own aggravation can be reduced or eliminated.

For more information on the benefits of divorce mediation in the Bucks County, please contact Penglase & Benson for help in your PA divorce case. Our expert team can make sure you have a voice during what is no doubt a difficult time.