What Is The Difference Between Probation And Parole?

August 20, 2021 / 1:47 pm

A person sentenced to probation has not served any jail or prison time for the crime they plead guilty or were found guilty of. That individual is being offered a jail alternative and will not be incarcerated provided they meet any and all conditions placed on them. Probation is therefore part of the individual's original sentence. Parole comes much later. Parole is granted by a Parole Board. A person on parole has served at least the minimum of their sentence in a prison or jail and is being allowed back into the community prior to them reaching their maximum incarceration date. A violation of the conditions of probation or parole may result in the individual being incarcerated for the balance of their sentence.

If you have been charged with a crime and wish to seek a probationary sentence, been granted probation and are facing a probation violation, or if you have been released on parole and are facing a parole violation, you should immediately seek the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney. Attorney Craig Penglase has almost 20 years experience in representing criminal defendants and those facing probation and parole violations. He can be reached by emailing him through this site or by calling him at 215-348-4416.