Documenting the Damage After an Auto Accident

April 3, 2012 / 12:00 am

Okay, the auto accident is over … now what?

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to get the car repaired as soon as possible. All you can think of is to get a tow truck and get the car to a repair shop.

Unfortunately, by doing only this, you will have denied an investigator the best chance of determining how the collision happened, how fast the cars were going, who was at fault, the direction of travel and liability.

Police don’t always document the scene well. Rarely do they take pictures. That falls on you. As soon as possible, take pictures of the cars while they’re still on the road. Take picture of the roadway, where gouge marks occurred, the length of skid marks, the specific damage to the cars, the insides of the cars, the condition of the occupants, and the location where the cars came to rest.

Film in this digital age is cheap, so take as many pictures from as many different angles as possible. You never know when one of the pictures will reveal something important to an investigator or accident reconstructionist.

It’s too late after the car has been handled by the tow truck operator or repaired at the shop. Investigators are not brought in until days or week later and by then the evidence will be gone. This is a vital process, particularly if you are planning to fight your case in court with the assistance of a Bucks County motor vehicle accident attorney.