Personal Injury Equals Frustration and Depression

April 24, 2014 / 12:00 am

We’re all competitive to some degree. We all have standards of where we are in life, how we think our bodies should look, how we should feel. We’re also getting older and with that the realization comes that we don’t heal as fast.

As a PA personal injury attorney, my clients all say the same thing: “I’m not getting better and I don’t know what to do.”

I’ve been there too. Auto accidents cause all sorts of trauma and injuries to the human body. Muscles are pulled, bones broken, ligaments torn. It takes a long time to recover from these injuries.

When we get injured the doctor tells us how long it will take before we should feel better. Even if they don’t, we set our own time line as to when we think we will be better. When I separated my shoulder in a car accident I did the same thing. And when that time comes and goes and we are still not better we get frustrated and depressed. I tell my clients to expect this. It’s just a natural process we go through.

That said, it is also a part of damages that attorneys don’t take into account. Spending days, week and months depressed and wondering if this is the best we will feel is agonizing. I take this into account when I present my cases and ask judges and juries to award monies for these all too real emotions. I also tell my clients to not accept the answer that, “There is nothing more that we can do.”

Consult with a Doctor & PA Personal Injury Attorney

If you truly are not getting better after an accident, go back to the doctor, find a new doctor, get an new recovery plan. Don’t get frustrated. But if you do, document it. It is part of the healing process and needs to be accounted for in court with the help of a PA personal injury attorney.