Summer Plans? Is Your Insurance Up to Date?

May 27, 2014 / 12:00 am

Summer is here and with it comes vacation plans. Whether you are going to the New Jersey shore or Costa Rica, you should take a few minutes before you go to make sure that your health will be protected.

First, make sure that all of your insurance, both car and health, are up to date and paid for. Having a car accident or medical emergency far from home is the wrong time to find out that policies gave lapsed.

Second, make sure that you have enough insurance. Most people save a few pennies by opting for lower cost, limited tort insurance. If you have limited tort insurance you cannot sue for pain and suffering.

Traveling on the road exposes you to a greater likelihood of an accident so make sure that you can address all of your legal rights with full tort insurance. You should also be aware that not every state recognizes full tort insurance. In New Jersey you are considered to have limited tort injuries, regardless of your insurance election. You will have to meet that state’s guidelines if you want full tort status. Know the policies of the state you are traveling to.

Third make sure that you have towing and rental car coverage on your auto insurance in case you break down. Even if you do, looking into plans like AAA for additional coverage.

Fourth, bring a first aid kit, even if it’s small. Many medical situations can be resolved with a couple of band aides or gauze. Having a few bandages, tweezers and neosporin can keep you on the go.

Fifth, take a few minutes to make see what you will need to do to get medical coverage where you are going. Are there hospitals near by? Will you need a referral? Do the hospitals take your insurance? Will you be out of your network! Finding out now will save you money later.

Sixth, make sure that you have all of your medication. Make sure that it won’t run out while traveling. Finding a pharmacy on the road and getting prescriptions emailed or faxed can be frustrating and time consuming.

These steps won’t take long and the chance of a medical problem or accident are small but they will ensure peace of mind and a wonderful vacation.