What if the Person who Caused the Collision Is Untruthful About How the Collision Happened?

May 13, 2022 / 11:06 am

Unfortunately, in many cases, the person or persons responsible for the inci­dent may not tell the complete truth about the incident. It is human nature for many people to deny liability, fault or blame even in cases where negligence or wrong‑doing was obvious. Your lawyer has had many cases where the tortfeasors did not tell the truth about the incident. In some cases, the insurance carrier will believe their insured or the insured's witnesses and will deny your claim without any additional investigation. In such cases a lawsuit becomes necessary and the case will proceed immediately to litigation and some­times all the way to trial.

In most cases, however, the truth eventually surfaces and the claim will get settled one way or the other. Your lawyer will investigate your claim in the hope of obtaining witnesses, evidence, facts and law that support the truth of how the incident happened. To give your lawyer the best chance of finding the truth make sure that you take plenty of pictures of the vehicles at the sight of the collision. Get the names and telephone numbers of all of the witnesses and wright down what the other party says at the scene and how they are acting. You should also be careful what you put on social media. We had a case one time in which a simple search of the other party on Facebook revealed information proving that the other party lied about the collision. We brought this information to the insurance company and a check for the full policy limits was issued to the client shortly thereafter.

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